Does your children's school offer an ECG screening program? If not, consider getting involved. Talk to the coaches and the Athletic Director to let them know that this is a valued service that should be offered. Talk to the Booster Club about sponsoring a program, or even funding it.

If your school does offer screening, be sure to opt IN and have your child participate.

Wouldn't it give you peace of mind to KNOW your child's heart is healthy?


School districts have really started championing cardiac screening with some great results. Early detection can go a long way to keeping kids healthy and competing.

Who We Play For personalizes ECG screening to your school or district's needs, with pricing that adjusts accordingly. For a full-service screening with our trained staff, we'd charge $20/student. But we have other options that can go as low as $10/student. Generally we charge the families directly with no extra cost to the school, but we can develop a program that works best for your district.

We can put you in touch with your peers to talk about their experience working with us and how cardiac screening works for them. Contact us for those references.

club sports

Student athletes don't just play sports at school. Club sports are hugely popular, offering specialized training for the elite athlete. Why not offer the highest level of heart screening to ensure your players'
elite status?

We can help you develop a program that works with your club's training or tryout schedule.

Talk to your coach and the club Director about adding screening.



Want to take the fight against Sudden Cardiac Arrest, the #1 killer of student athletes, in your own hands? Great because we need your help! Check your calendar. Are you putting on a tailgate with friends? Coming together for a class reunion? Helping to plan your child’s soccer tournament? Any activity can be turned into a fundraiser to protect young hearts in your community.

Whether you're a motivated 12-year-old or a Fortune 500 CEO, everyone has the ability to make an impact. If you're interested in hosting a fundraiser, please contact us!



Your donation can make the difference in saving a student's life by identifying heart problems with an affordable, effective ECG. All schools have kids who love playing sports, and every school has students who can't afford to be screened. Please help make sure ALL student athletes are competing with a strong heart by donating today.